Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Green River Rafting

More fun rafting shots

Gates of Ladore River Trip

White Water River Rafting the "Gates of Ladore" Green River

Susan and Roger took a much needed week vacation the end of June. We drove to Vernal Utah to meet our friends and family for a private white water river trip through the Gates of Ladore on the Green River. There was 25 of us with five rafts and two kayaks. Roger, Erik and Riley were the experienced boatman. Bob and Jack were new to the river and had to learn fast how to maneuver the rocks. Poor Bob, first day out a unmarked rapid with a huge rock prophetically named "The Little Stinker" caught his boat and everyone including the ice chest fell out of the boat when it flipped! Thankfully everyone down stream helped retrieve the lost food and only a little butter was sacrificed to the River. Low water made some of the rapids more of a challenge, and several time rafters would have to bounce the boat up and down to get it off some of the rocks. The trip was great fun despite all the bug bites. We saw some beautiful country in Colorado and Utah and parts of Dinosaur National Park. We scouted the rapids "Hells Half mile" and "Triplet" to make sure no more boats would be flipping. As you can see from the photos, it was close but they all missed the rock!