Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nicole's Quinceanera March 7

Here's some more shots from Nicole's big day!

Nicole's Quinceanera March 7, 2009

Nicole's Quinceanera was an amazing event! We started at her home with some fun pictures of her and the girls by the pool. Then we were off to the church for the mass. It was a beautiful service. After more photos we were off to the Aquarium of the Pacific for dinner and dancing! It was a beautiful evening in Long Beach and we were able to get some photos with the Queen Mary in the background. Nicole's party had a bohemian theme which made it all the more fun! From the candy station to the harem dance with Nicole being escorted in on a throne with a canopy! It was all incredible! Here are some of the shots from her special day.

Prudence Class of 09'

Here's more shots of the incredibly talented Pudendce!

Prudence, Class of 09

I've known Prudence since she was around three. Even back then you could tell what a great dancer she would be one day. I can't believe she's going to graduate in a few months! She has grown into such a lovely young lady and an awesome song cheerleader to boot! I can't say enough nice things about her! I know she will go far in life with such a great attitude and head on her shoulders!

More of Nicole


Recently we took photos for Nicole's upcoming 15th Birthday. We used some of the photos in a slide show at her Quinceanera last week and one for a gigantic banner to hang on the wall! It was a great day and she had an awesome party at the Long Beach Aquarium. Some of those photos will be coming on line shortly. Here's a few from her portrait sitting.