Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bryan and Arwen's Wedding!

Bryan and Arwen's Wet Wedding!

Bryan and Arwen were married last Friday at Canyon Crest Country Club in Riverside. It was a cloudy day and rain was in the forecast. What wasn't expected was the hail that came pouring down as Arwen was just starting to walk down the aisle! Arwen was so beautiful even with the hail falling on her and Bryan during the ceremony. They were so good natured and took it all in stride to make it a memorable and beautiful ceremony. After we weren't sure about taking pictures out in the rain storm but it cleared up nicely and as you can see from the photos we got some beautiful moments captured from their special day. The reception was held at the Orange Crest Club in Riverside and we had a beautiful sunset. I love Arwen's antique style theme and her dress was so gorgeous! You couldn't even tell that it was wet! I love how romantic their love story is having known each other for many years in high school and finding each other again two years ago. The toasts were hilarious. I loved the "Lord of the Rings" references during Bryan's brothers toasts. They are such a cute couple. I hope you both have an awesome honeymoon in Italy!