Saturday, November 29, 2008

Frank and Gabriela at Grand Traditions

Frank and Gabriela had a beautiful sunset wedding at Grand Traditions on Friday November 7th. It was a lovely evening and Gabriela had on one of my all time favorite dresses! She looked gorgeous! I love weddings at Grand Tradition. There's always something new to see and there are so many lovely spots there. There was a wild swan there this time. The swan even tried to bite my foot while I was walking by the bridge! The reception room was beautiful and it was fun to see Gabriela and Frank getting loose and having so much fun dancing! Here are a few photos from the evening!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ria and Dwight's Wedding

Ria and Dwight's Wedding

A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of shooting Ria and Dwights wedding down in Laguna Beach at the beautiful Tivoli Too! We started with Ria in her hotel room in Laguna. There was some exciting moments with the missing purse that had the car keys Ria needed to drive to the wedding and then Ria getting locked out of the room with her dress inside! Everything fell into place though and with a car ride from the best man everything started on time! It will make for some great stories to tell your kids one day! The evening wedding at Tivoli was gorgeous with all the lights and the tent sent up for the reception. The lighting in the tent was so beautiful, it really made the room stand out. Ria you looked gorgeous in your dress and even Marshy your puppy was adorable in her outfit! Dwight was handsome as ever in his Tux. Here's a few photos from their special night of dancing and romance!