Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Family Holiday Photos!

Don't forget time is running out to get your family photos for the Holidays! Call to set your appointment time soon!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Diana and David

Last Saturday we photographed the wedding of Diana and David in Laguna Beach. It was the worst rain storm of the year and we were prepared with umbrellas and plastic to wrap the cameras! The wedding was going to happen on the beach no matter what the weather turned out to be. When we arrived to hard sideways rain we weren't sure what we were in store for but within thirty minutes the rain had stopped and glimpses of the sun were fighting it's way out through the clouds. By the time the bride Diana arrived, looking gorgeous in her dress, the sun performed a miracle and came out for the ceremony! It was a gorgeous ceremony with no one else on the beach since the weather had kept even the surfers away! We got some great shots and here are a few favorites. By the time they left the clouds were getting thick again and it was starting to mist! They couldn't have planned it better! Best wishes together! Of course I think you already must have good luck on your side!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Family Portraits 2010

Holiday Family Portraits

Holiday Family Portraits Special
Sitting Fee: $90.00 for one hour mini session
Have your family photo taken just in time for the holidays!
View the photos online and choose your favorites.
Choose a traditional background sitting or outdoor location at one of the nearby parks.
Includes two units and one enhanced high-res digital negative.
(One unit = one 8x10 or Two 5x7, or 8 wallets or four 4x6 prints or two units = 11x14 portrait).
There are many different location setups you can choose from!
Various family poses of your group will be taken.
Beach Locations incur a $40.00 additional travel fee.

Extra Prints Package: $76.00
Includes six units of your choice
A unit is One 8x10, or Two 5x7, or 8 wallets, or four 4x6 prints.

Extra CD with 15 fully enhanced high-res digital negatives $50.00

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lorena and Todd

Some of the photos from Lorena and Todd's wedding are now available for guests to view online with their code. Please call us if you need the code number again! (866)736-9696

Baby Isolde

Little Isolde was a hard nut to crack but we did have success! She is a very sweet baby girl who also was very serious about having her picture taken! Despite a slow start we got several smiles out her by the end. This session was taken in Minnesota during some rain drizzle so she was a real trooper being out in the cold! We can't wait to see what she's like when she hits the "terrible two's"!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lorena and Todd's wedding at Eagle Glenn

We had such a great time photographing Lorena and Todd's wedding last weekend! They were married on a day no one will forget 10/10/10 which is also supposed to bring the couple much good luck in the future! Their wedding took place at Eagle Glenn Golf Course in Corona. The location was gorgeous with rolling hills in the background! It was one of the hottest days for fall so far but Lorena and Todd were real troopers taking photos out on the golf course during the heat of the day! Lorena looked so beautiful in her dress. It was soft and flowing a perfect choice for the warm day.
The reception was beautiful with some rocking music! Video was taken by aeproductions@onebox.com and there were really great to work with. They followed us on the course and took video while we photographed all the special moments of the day. Here are a few shots from the big day with more to follow soon!

Abram in Phoenix

Went to Arizona recently and had a great time despite the 105 degree weather! Photographed some of the Allred brothers! Here are some shots of the youngest Abram, recently graduated and headed off to college at BYU! We wish you the best of luck there and congratulations on your scholarship and making one of the performing Folk Dance teams! Abram was a great sport taking these shots at sunset, when he was hungry and it was still extremely warm! Here are a few of my favorites.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Lorena and Todd

Lorena and Todd

We took Lorena and Todd's engagement photos a few days ago. They are so much fun, we can't wait to shoot their wedding in October! I love how naturally in love they look with each other. Their daughter Miranda was such a sweetie and took a few family photos with them. She loves the camera and I see a model in the making! Here are some of their photos from the park.