Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ryan class of 2009

I know I mostly show girls on my blog. So let's here it for the boys! Ryan looked so handsome in his Burgundy dress shirt. I love the casual look also, red is a great color on him. I hope more Mom's will bring there boys out for Senior sittings, once there in college Mom's you don't see them as much and senior pictures are a great way to remember that graduation from boy to Man! I know I cherish my son's senior photos. So lets here it for the boys!

Katie Class of 2009

Katie is such an awesome girl. I can't believe she is graduating High School. I've known her since she was a little girl and she's grown into such a lovely young lady! She was so much fun during her senior sitting. Here's a few of my favorites of Katie!


I photographed Rebbecca's sister a few years ago for graduation and this time it was Rebbecca graduating from High School! It was great to see her Mom again and meet Rebbecca this time! She is a real sweetheart and willing to climb around with me in the hills to get the shots I wanted. Here are a few shots of the sweet and beautiful Rebbecca! Congratulations!


Amanda is actually graduating from College! Any graduation is a great time for photos so you can let your family and relatives see how your all grown up. Amanda has grown into a gorgeous young lady. I photographed her when she graduated from High School four years ago and I can't believe how the time has flown by! I keep telling her she needs to go into modeling her eyes are incredible! Congratulations in your college achievements and best luck for the future!


Seniors are getting ready to graduate and I've been busy photographing them! No one can stand the standard cookie cutter shots the school sitting gives them and coming to Conard Photography gives them that chance to show more of their personality and style! There's still time to get them done for your announcements and family. You only graduate once so give us a call and be happy with the results!