Friday, May 2, 2008

Chelsea and Nathan

Chelsea and Nathan are getting married this December and I'll be photographing them a lot over the next few months, why the special treatment? Well you have to get used to lots of picture taking when your the photographers daughter! Yep, my sweet baby girl is going to put the wedding photographer through planing a wedding herself! Yikes! I'm in total withdrawl. I like to show up at the events and shoot them not plan them! Actually my first daughter was married almost six years ago and her wedding came off great, but it was summer, December has too many possible weather conditions!
So Nathan and Chelsea met at Cal Poly Pomona where they both attend. They became engaged on their one year of dating anniversay.
This location was in Mabey Canyon in Corona. The burried old cars are awesome looking. The residents don't like you up there at all but thank you to the one lady driving by that gave us permission to continue shooting! Chelsea got some cool shots also of the cars for her college photo class. Is she interested in joining me in my photo field? She says no way!

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Meghan said...

Cute pictures. i love that funky old tree.