Monday, September 22, 2008

Larisa and Phil La Jolla Beach Portraits

Larisa and Phil had their photos taken at La Jolla beach the night before their wedding. Although we only had about 2o minutes before the sun went down, and we had dark cloud coverage for sunset, we were still able to get some gorgeous shots of the bride alone and awesome photos of both of them! I loved the custom bouquet they made for Larisa. The seashells in it were perfect for the beach lover she is. They were such a funny couple to photograph. You can really tell they are in love with all the cute faces they make at each other. The seal at the end of the shoot made for a fun ending.
The wedding the next day at the San Diego Temple was gorgeous. Not a single cloud that day. I will have some of those photos up next but meanwhile here are some from the beach sitting.

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