Saturday, November 27, 2010

Diana and David

Last Saturday we photographed the wedding of Diana and David in Laguna Beach. It was the worst rain storm of the year and we were prepared with umbrellas and plastic to wrap the cameras! The wedding was going to happen on the beach no matter what the weather turned out to be. When we arrived to hard sideways rain we weren't sure what we were in store for but within thirty minutes the rain had stopped and glimpses of the sun were fighting it's way out through the clouds. By the time the bride Diana arrived, looking gorgeous in her dress, the sun performed a miracle and came out for the ceremony! It was a gorgeous ceremony with no one else on the beach since the weather had kept even the surfers away! We got some great shots and here are a few favorites. By the time they left the clouds were getting thick again and it was starting to mist! They couldn't have planned it better! Best wishes together! Of course I think you already must have good luck on your side!

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