Friday, October 5, 2012

Frank and Lourdes Mission Inn Wedding

Outside the church the doors were incredible. Frank and Lourdes look so happy.

A quiet moment of love before going into the reception.

Night time at the Mission Inn is gorgeous!

The ceremony was finished after the sun had gone down so we rushed to the roof top to get the last of the colored sky.

Lourdes at the incredible altar!

The beautiful altar in the chapel.

The best tasting cake ever!  

Night time is so romantic at the Mission Inn. The clock was incredible.

After the ceremony everyone cheered for joy and threw rose petals!

Lourdes looked beautiful!
Lourdes right before the ceremony looking radiant!
Frank and his groomsmen on the spiral staircase at the Mission Inn.

I love how relaxed and happy Frank looks in this one.

Frank Spencer before the ceremony, handsome as ever.

The Dress! Gorgeous!
Just Married!
Beautiful roof top just after sunset.
Cutest sign in the dressing room!
The Grand staircase.
Lourdes and her Mother before the ceremony.

Beautiful Rings
Lourdes and Frank at the Mission Inn.
Lourdes kept a locket on her bouquet of her parents. So sweet.

The sweet cherub blessing the rings.
Frank and Lourdes had a beautiful wedding at the Mission Inn on September 21. Lourdes looked lovely in her white with black trimmed dress. Everything at the Mission Inn was beautiful and the reception was gorgeous in the Spanish Art Gallery.  Here are a few photos of them from the big event!

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